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Trademark is a sign, symbol, or a group of words that protects the rights of a particular organization for a product or service and gives it recognition in the market.

Top Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • A company becomes able to build its brand’s repute in the market by providing high value to its customers without the risk of losing identity.
  • The company can take legal action against the organization or individual using its registered trademark with any consent.
  • It makes the customer trust in the respective company’s commitment towards the safety of their brand and providing with excellent value for their time and money in terms of products or services.
  • It enables companies to sell or license their brands in the industry.

Conditions to Fulfill For Trademark Registration

  • There are certain ethical standards to meet to get a trademark registered. Any offensive thing in regard to any individual or ethnicity cannot be registered as a trademark according to the UK’s laws.
  • A wrongful or misleading description of the products or services cannot be utilized for trademark registration for those services.
  • It must be unique and distinctive.
  • Similar to any other company’s trademark or logo is also prohibited until unless you have a letter of consent from the respective company.

A Trademark solicitor can help you register a trademark to make sure that such a trademark was not registered already. Even if you want to register a similar trademark to an already registered one, you will have to get a letter of consent from the respective company or individual.

Register a Trademark

£200 is the trademark registration fee that you are required to pay to the regulatory authority initially for placing the application, and on top of that, for every class you want to include in your registered trademark, you have to pay £50 for each class.

To appropriately protect your trademark from all sides, one should be registering their trademark in multiple relevant classes to make certain their right on the trademark registered.

Legal experts from 101Accountant know no constraints and bounds when it comes to facilitating businesses in getting their trademarks registered. Our team of expert business leaders knows what it takes to assess and provide appropriate trademark suggestions that truly exhibit the actual and desired image of the company to the targeted audience.

Our perfect procedural approach allows us to get things done in the least possible time with the least objections and quick settlements.

Even if the respective regulatory authorities have any objections to our client’s trademark registration case, our experts know how to resolve the issues with the least involvement of the client resources.

101Accountant makes sure timely, secure, and smooth registration procedures for your trademarks, which can give your companies and brands a new face and expand your market shares.

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