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Annual Returns offers a snapshot of a company’s general particulars, which contains the information about the executives of the company such as directors and secretaries of the company, share capital, registered office address, and complete details of shareholders. With effect from 30 June 2016, the confirmation statement has been substituted with the annual return to Companies House.

All Limited liability partnerships and limited companies in the UK are in obligation to have Annual Returns form to Companies House each and every year even though the business is dormant.

The “AR01” form is for limited companies, and “LL AR01Limited” is for Limited liability partnership companies to submit to Companies House to avoid any complications.

Filling Deadline & Penalties

Companies House sends email reminders and alerts to the listed office address when it comes due.

The due date is commonly a year after either:

• The date when a firm was incorporated.

• The date when the previous confirmation statement or annual return was filed.

It must be submitted within 14 days after the deadlines. If a business fails to submit annual returns within the cutoff date, it may be penalized up to £5,000, and even the registrar also has the right to throw out the company from the company’s list, and its possessions can become the assets of the crown.

Filing your Annual Return Services Form

Annual Returns in the UK can be filed online via the Companies House’s ‘’Web Filing system’’. The online submission of an Annual Return to Companies House through its Web Filing system costs just £13.

If you submit your returns through ‘’Web filing’’, you will be receiving e-Reminders from the Companies House when your Annual Returns becomes due.

Contents of the confirmation statement

Company Name

Company number

Company type

Details about officers

It states about company secretary & company directors. The officer’s surname, last name, birthdate, nationality, and further business involvements (if any)

Registered office address

Statement of capital

Which defines the category of shares, the sum of shares allocated, their amassed nominal value, the aggregate paid/unpaid per share, and currency in which shares were allotted together with the name of shareholders and their shareholding ratio.

Significant changes during the year

Annual Return also comprises the information of related events that have occurred throughout the period, counting vicissitudes to the company’s major business commotion and facts about changes regarding people with momentous control.

101Accountant will deliver you with all the essential help you need to file these statements or returns to the relevant authorities.

Charities Annual Return Services in London

Charities listed in England and Wales are also required to submit annual returns to the Companies House; however, the criterion is somewhat different.

If your charity’s revenue is less than £10,000 – you do not need to submit an annual return. In its place, you only ought to keep your particulars up to date concerning expenditures, incomes, trustees, and contact information.

If your charity’s revenue is more than £10,000 – you are essentially required to submit annual returns within 10 months of the completion of your fiscal year and also be obliged to keep your charity’s particulars up to date.

We will deliver you with all the procedural and technical support that a company needs to formulate the annual return/confirmation statement and to submit it to the Companies House.

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